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10 avril 2017

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For its issue 22 (April-May-June 2017),   Al-Mukhatabat Journal is pleased to invite you to submit your unpublished papers on the contributions of the following mathematicians logicians and philosophers in the field of Logic, Epistemology,Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics :

Jean Cavaillès, Louis Couturat, Jacques Herbrand, Albert Lautman, Jean Nicod, Frank Ramsey and Alan Turing.

The following topics will be particularly appreciated:

- The dialogue of these logicians on specific points.

- The clarification of the relations between their conceptions of philosophical work and their competences in mathematical logic, foundations and epistemology of mathematics.

- The setting up of new perspectives capable of identifying the many original aspects of their works in logic and their importance in the genesis of a new type of thought intimately linked to the formal, economic and physical sciences.

- Illuminating some crucial historical aspects linked to their ethical and political commitments that go in the direction of the defense of humanistic and universal values.

- The critical study of their relations to other philosophers like Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, Kant, Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein and so on.

- The covering up of the many links between logic, mathematics and reality in view of the will to change and the values ​​of resistance to the totalitarian, dogmatic and obscurantist spirit.

- The questioning of the classical relationship between Ethics, Logic and Politics and the advent of a new type of philosophical thought that combines science and moral commitment in social life.

Accepted languages ​​are Arabic, French and English, and articles must not exceed 30 pages including notes and bibliographies. Articles should be sent in Word and Pdf accompanied by a short summary in English and French to Hamdi Mlika (University of Kairouan) at:

The deadline for receipt of the manuscripts is 31 May 2017.

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